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About Us

About Dark Matter Cafe

Dark Matter Cafe is a Durham based cafe business, introducing a new format of hospitality, incorporating interactive entertainment, retail, and a pub alternative social environment. Established in September 2013 Dark Matter Cafe is a community base creating the best experience for people to feel comfortable, accepted and at home, to help change lives. Dark Matter Cafe has customers who couldn’t hold eye contact with other human beings who are now hosting event nights.

We want to breed this confidence into people. And you might think but it’s a cafe… and yeah, it is, a cafe designed to attract the socially awkward, and people who feel they don’t quite fit in, and bring them to life…

Dark Matter Cafe is colliding a cafe, comic book store and gaming venue into one. Giving our community these things, and affecting them emotionally, allows us to tap into repeat custom. They become involved, and feel part of us, making them not only great customers in terms of spend but also our best marketing tools.

Dark Matter Cafe has began to notice a greater turn over of comics, and events than initially expected, people want to experience the social events, and competitions, and giving customers the ease and flexibility of accessing their favourite comics locally, has been more popular than we initially forecast.

Our core events are trading card based, which not only gives us the benefit of event ticket sales but continual “booster pack” sales so our customers are up to date on the latest cards to battle with. We then during the day offer a great interactive gaming experience on retro gaming consoles, to compete against one another, and socialise and interact with new people, serving up great food and drink, and take home merchandise and comics too.

Please come and visit the Dark Matter Family soon! We can’t wait to meet you!

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