Bethesda, publisher of DOOM, has 3D printed a life size replica of the B.F.G. and given it away to a talented fan.

They ran a competition for fans to create their own paint job for the iconic weapon, and the winner, John Allen, got the B.F.G. to keep.


The replica itself was created and crafted by, ironically, MyMiniFactory. Instead of working from reference images like normal, id Software shared in-game files with the designers so the gun would be as accurate as possible.

To create such a gun was a mammoth task. It took Kirby Downey, lead designer at MyMiniFactory, 35 hours to design each piece of the weapon, 70 in total, and then it took 1,000 hours to actually 3D print it all. The final B.F.G. is three feet long, 18 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and weighs 36 pounds.

Story originally reported on IGN