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MONDAY – Game Day
Games on free play*

TUESDAYS – MTG Draft / Cosplay Workshops
6pm £12 with booster prizes / for more details please ask*

WEDNESDAY – Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament / D&D
6pm £4 with booster prizes / for more details please ask*

THURSDAY – Pokemon League Play
6pm £4 with booster prizes & promos

FRIDAYS – MTG Friday Night Magic
6pm Standard & Modern £4 with booster prizes & promos

SATURDAYS – X-Wing / Armada
Learn to play, or play for fun from 2pm*

MTG Shadow over Innistrad Pre Release
2nd & 3rd April 2016
Book now to avoid disappointment

** 1 reasonable purchase per hour as required by our store policy applies at this event.

Dark Matter Cafe is changing some things to make way for new and exciting events!

  • Movie Night will replace Modern MTG on Saturdays – This will be free however the store policy of spend per hour will remain.
  • We will remain open from 6pm until 9pm all nights to general public, however there will be a minimum spend of £5 which is retained at the till from point of entry. This is deducted during your visit on things you buy in store from food and drink or merchandise. This replaces the current spectator fee.
  • Sundays as a whole are been reviewed – What would you like to see? But for now will continue with Creative Sundays, come and build, sculpt, paint and create something great!
  • Game tournament nights – Tournaments will be held on our projector downstairs during Monday Night Game Night and Tuesday Nights, with a buy in of £3 which is added to a prize fund pot to spend in store. Tuesdays all day you will be able to play on the projector for £1 per hour.
  • All event prices are increased to £4 entry
  • We are looking at the introduction to Comedy Nights and Acoustic Nights if you would like to perform at Dark Matter Cafe please call us on 0191 386 3851 and speak to Dan
  • OPENING HOURS – 9am – 6pm Monday to Saturday, and 11am – 5pm Sundays, events run on an evening from 6pm which may be restricted entry, please check out the events page for more details.

Mondays – Game Night – Sponsored by
6pm – 9pm
Dark Matter Cafe presents Game Night, Come and socialise and join in in GAME NIGHT!!!! Play from over 8000 retro and current computer games on a variety of consoles, from Spectrum, Xbox, PS3, SNES, Mega Drive, or bring your laptops or Nintendo DS and play on LAN. Anything can happen on Game Night from challenges, singalongs… and much more.


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