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Welcome to Dark Matter Cafe’s new online home. Dark Matter Cafe is Durham’s first and only Comic Store, Gaming Venue and Cafe all in one. So you can visit, grab a comic, have a great drink, and enjoy some mouth watering food, then learn to play a new card game, or enjoy your favourite, while been entertained by the cartoons on our TVs and take a break out to enjoy one of our over 8500 games to play!

Here at Dark Matter Cafe the fun doesn’t just stop after hours, we run event nights throughout the week, such as Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, as well as other activities such as KingCon, in Durham, a big immersive geek convention experience in Durham every year. Dark Matter Cafe is always dedicated to bringing you new and exciting entertainment for you, your friend, and family.

We are a comfy family friendly environment, with plush seating and interiors, TVs, plenty to keep the kids entertained, and a big selection of board games, card games, merchandise and comics. As a comic store, we can also order your favourite comics for you, when they are released! We place orders 2 months in advance to assure that you get the comics you love on time. We also have access to a MASSIVE selection of comics and collectables in addition to what we have in store, so please do ask more about what’s available, and the same goes for games and card games!

Although we are competitive with our pricing, we may not be able to get below online prices, but we get as near as we can, and seen as though we have an amazing environment for you to come and socialise and enjoy opening your packs in store, and trading and sharing with friends new and old, we feel that’s enough to warrant you spending an addition couple of pounds to help support your local open play. 

We are an official venue for Wizards of the Coast (Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons), as well as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, so all of our events are ran legitimately, fairly, and within a set specific format, with experienced help on hand. 

Our menus ranges from the cheap snacks, to burgers and sandwiches. We also boast some of the finest, if not THE finest coffee around. From Ringtons Beverages, we hand craft our drinks to your requirements, with a range of syrups to hand. 

If that hasn’t got you interested yet, I don’t know what will! We look forward to meeting you soon.

Dark Matter Cafe

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