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Store Policy


To most of you this will seem pretty common sense! After been around a couple of years, we have come up with a set or rules and policies that make the experience great for everyone who visits Dark Matter Cafe. Fairness for guests and our business is one of the biggest parts of creating a great environment in Dark Matter Cafe, therefore we have set out a few key bits of information as a guide for keeping Dark Matter an enjoyable experience for all.

Bullying and Harassment – In store we promote a strong social and engaging environment for all. We welcome people from all walks of life, and backgrounds and we take bullying and social abuse very seriously. We monitor this in store for the protection of all guests.

Food and drink from outside – Dark Matter Cafe is strictly prohibited. The seating and facilities in Dark Matter Cafe are for paying guests only. As a privately owned business we rely on your support to pay our bills and support our staff and growth.

Cleanliness, Safety and Loss – We ask that customers keep the environment clean and safe for others, and in the interest of keeping our costs down keep the area clean and tidy to reduce pressure for staff and volunteers. This includes leaving belongings around, which could pose health and safety risks, and loss due to theft, of which Dark Matter Cafe is not responsible for any loss or damage to belongings in the premises.

Cover Charges and Min Purchases for Facilities Use – We ask that during your visit you make one reasonable purchase per hour, per visit. If you wish not to make purchases in Dark Matter Cafe but you would like to play games, a table cover charge of £2 per person per hour will apply, this is not transferable to other visits and only valid from time of purchase. The facilities of Dark Matter Cafe are for the benefit of paying customers.

The basement facilities may be booked at various times for special events. We have recently invested a lot into the renovation of downstairs, therefore we ask that it be kept clean and tidy, board games be returned to the place they belong, and care is taken with the fixtures and fittings. CCTV operates in this area for the convenience of staff, and customers viewing the basement, and for the safety of patrons in this area.

Complimentary WIFI is available for customers only and the Password is printed on receipts. Access to WIFI may be limited, and is access is at own personal risk. Access is monitored for legal and safety purposes. Anyone found to be using WIFI for actions of an illegal nature may be asked to leave and face exclusion from the store.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss any of these points please email Dan direct at or Lindsey at

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