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Learn to Play X-Wing - Squad Building

Players can construct their own squads to explore creative combinations of abilities and to suit their personal play styles. Each player builds a squad by choosing ships and upgrades whose total squad point cost does not exceed the total agreed upon by the players during the “Gather Forces” step of setup. Each Ship card and Upgrade card has a squad point cost printed in the lower-right corner of the card.


X-Wing Pilot Cards

The recommended squad point total for a standard dogfight is 100 points, although players are free to choose any point total.

After choosing a point total, both players secretly build their squads. They do this by choosing any number of Ship cards and Upgrade cards with combined squad points equal to or lower than the agreed upon point total. At the beginning of the game, they simultaneously reveal the ships and cards in their squads.


Luke Skywalker PilotCard with Upgrades

A player can build a squad using any available ships and upgrades with the following restrictions:

  • A squad is aligned to one primary faction. It cannot field Ship cards from another primary faction or upgrades that are restricted to another primary faction.
  • A ship cannot equip an upgrade that is restricted to other types or sizes of ships.
  • A ship cannot equip more than one copy of the same Upgrade with the LIMITED trait, though it may equip multiple different cards with LIMITED trait.

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